May 26, 2011

Self Portrait

"I"-logical_SAL.jpeg (2009)
“I”-logical: A Self Portrait 
Three years ago, a good friend of mine Pepper asked a bunch of his friends- “If you were a productivity software, what productivity software  would you be?” We also had to come up with a self-portrait using the chosen tool.
This was my submission. Looking at it again, I know this random challenge brought out a desire in me to express who I am in a concrete and sensible way. What surprised me was that I chose a software that I hardly use in hope to capture the search for true identity. The truth is, I’m still figuring out my own unique formula and this process has brought me closer to the truth.
So, Thank you Pep!  Your challenge has reminded me throughout the years that its an on-going process of trial and error; logical and illogical thinking; mind and heart. That’s the great thing about being yourself- you take a leap of faith and that’s what makes you brave and free at the same time.

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