July 06, 2011

Treasure Hunting in my HardDrive

In my attempt to clear out the clutter in my head, I decided to amuse myself by looking through a pile load of pictures. While looking through it I've realized how thoughts and ideas easily pile up. Beautiful memories just stored into a computer gathering pixel dust. I instantly thought that I don't want them to go to waste. That I shouldn't  let it go to waste. Hence, this post is my symbolic promise to be consistent in curating and creating my life which basically translates to organizing my files (and thoughts!) and uploading more.  In my effort to participate in the digital age.  


Let's start with these set of pictures. Arturo Luz, an esteemed Filipino Visual Artist was on exhibit at the Resorts World Manila, Philippines. These were taken February 2011. My husband and I happily stumbled upon his exhibit that day. I've always been a fan of his modern and austere aesthetic as a visual artist.  His pieces allow me to take simple notice of geometric lines and patterns allowing my mind to be still. The zen-like beauty it possesses calm my thoughts but awakens my eyes. Just like what shiny, glittering  jewels do yo when you open a treasure chest. 

Aren't they beautiful? What do you think?

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