June 28, 2011

I am the Letter P

What letter would you B?
Introducing myself through a powerpoint slide for Creative Vibe Club Orientation
I must add, I  like powerpoints and presentations. Oh and I also hate it when I panic. Starting a new school year in the Catholic School where I moderate a creativity club for grade school students. And I'm quite excited to be handling a club in high school too. Students are asked to sign up for an extra-curricular activity that interests them. Our club is called Creative Vibe and were interested in creativity. Yesterday was the first time I met the new bunch for the year. The first meeting is always the most awkward and getting to know each other will always be a playful progression. It's exciting to find out what we can individually and collectively create.

If you're curious- follow us at  http://creativevibeclub.tumblr.com/  and find out about your own creative vibe! See you there! 

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