August 15, 2011

This Is Not Me 30 Day Challenge

A good friend of mine, Maui sent me a TED video of Matt Cutts who challenges us to think about- "What sustainable thing will you try to do for 30 days?" It made me wonder of what would challenge me to expand myself creatively. For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling stuck and my morale was on a downswing. I feel like I never finish something and get easily disappointed with my lack of discipline. trying to be an independent freelancer is not as easy as I thought it would be. To manage and make is a challenge on it's own. I know that I have to develop so much of what I lack if I want to really pursue a well-balanced life as a freelance artist. I know how to make- but to manage- AHCK! That's my achilles heel. So for 30 days, I challenge myself to become the opposite of who I think I am.  So far I have come up with  3 Counter Intuitive Steps for my This Is Not Me Challenge.

1. Choose one thing to finish, just one. Not all. Rome wasn't built in 30 days. 
I have a short attention span, and I get very impatient with myself. I come up with too many ideas/ projects and the list can go on and on. This is why I can't seem to finish something because I get lost in my thoughts. I hope by curating my ideas and calming my everyday thoughts enable me to create in a meticulous and disciplined way. Is this me? No. But I will try.  

2. Make god laugh by making a plan. 
I'm not a fan of planning. I've always been a freestyler, or a free-spirit. Right now though, I've been feeling the need to change some of my merry ways. If I want my ideas to come to life, I need to start moving by letting go of all my anxiety with solving problems. Through planning, I hope to be able to manage my time and energy better. That would be such a gift. Is this me? No. But I will try. 

3. Be ready to let go of control and just go with the flow.
I promise to let go off my attachment to outcome. All I need to do is to keep on going. This seems to be such a liberating step. To be able to be and to do in many, many ways.

Starting this challenge is making me so nervous and excited to find out what I can finish. :) 
How about you, what's your 30 Day Challenge?

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