August 13, 2011

Wrong Minus Right: The Art of Choice

HomeMade Stickers for my Students
How many of us stop at having ideas only because we can't muster enough will power to act on them? I've realized that I stumble upon one idea after the next, trying to act on one after the other too. It's beginning to feel like an internal rat race. With me as the rat still searching for the cheese at the end of the maze. 

A Student's Home Made Stickers

Reading my student's notebook woke me up from robo-mode. Choices and mistakes, two deadly words that paralyze me into inertia.   I need to overcome my fear of making the "wrong" choices. In life, there is no such thing- there is only circumstance and the choice to make the best out of it. To be able to choose is a gift to humanity and this thought has liberated me from my ego. I am thankful that I saw it on a child's notebook because it makes it even more believable. 

Hope you choose heartfully. Happy Weekend! 

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