September 21, 2011

For Real, It's a Deal!

I decided to make this little project of mine permanent. Unraveling thoughts and letting ideas evolve has become such an interesting experience for me. It has freed me from the clutter in my mind. I stopped imagining things for what they could be and just got my hands dirty doing it. You know what they say once you start, you can't stop. 

My whole life I've been winging it exploring my flight's of fancy. It's been fun, but I know it's time to take the things I fancy seriously. There's something scary about making things permanent, I guess it's the thought of never really knowing if you're making the right choice or it could be un-choosing other choices. The stakes are high when you're investing in chance but there's always magic that comes with the risk and it's the ability to hope. 

Hope you stay HocusFocused! :)

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