September 14, 2011

Oh My It's MANGA

Oh my, I almost forgot to post these pictures when I visited the Ayala Museum and caught the MANGA Realities Exhibit. Been missing-in-action in this space so there's a lot of backlog posts. I might as well catch-up since I'm here already. Let's start  with the surprisingly enjoyable exhibit. I'm not much of a MANGA fan but  decided to check it out nonetheless for the sake of a new experience. 

I'm glad I checked it out or I could also just be happy that I took myself out to try something that I wouldn't normally do. Because of this random choice, I was lucky enough to catch Agos Kulay, a group of watercolor painters in an Art Jam  at the lobby of the museum. How fun is that?  One day, I'm gonna jam with you guys! 

But first, I need to build skill. (Groan. No Pain, No Gain.)

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