September 05, 2011

Questions on the Wall

Over the weekend I've been thinking about how the one-month challenge is about to end. Time flies by so quickly that I realized I've only done a fraction of what I intended to achieve.  Last weekend, we dropped by Ayala Museum to listen to AJ Dimarucot's Design Talk for Manila Design Week. It was interesting to hear an esteemed designer talk about his  humble beginnings and how his work evolved by simply working harder. My friend Isa, who has worked with AJ mentioned how he started his freelancing career by sending 200 emails a day just to look for clients and only 2 would reply. I don't think failure was an option for him. Amazing! 

MANGA REALITIES Exhibit @ the Ayala Museum

After being inspired by the talk, my husband and I walked around the museum and these phrases caught my eye. "How apt...," I thought to myself.  It's humbling to be reminded that there are no shortcuts in an artist's life. Failure is always around the corner, waiting to beat your ego up and most of the time it gets a really bad beating. What's makes it worse is if you beat yourself inhumanely into instant perfection.

MANGA REALITIES Exhibit @ the Ayala Museum
For me, a bruised ego is a reminder to keep it real. There's no success without failure and there's no perfection without mistakes. If you want something, be ready to keep on going. It's also good to accept the drudgery that comes with your dreams.  To quote my best friend Lana, "It takes small but consistent steps to change the world." So whatever world that you want to change, take it from my friends- just keep on trucking.    


On a sidenote, my brother in law- Simon sent me a random email directing me to this link.  It was such a great read to start the week. Thank god he did, cause my Monday started rather off! It's emails like these that challenges me to go past the drudgery. To friends and family who inspired me to keep on going- Thank You! Just so you know! 

"“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon


  1. Rock! No one wants perfect Sheils. Sometimes it's the passion, though imperfect that makes something to thrilling and compelling to watch!

  2. Thanks Lans! You know that means a lot! :) Really.