August 01, 2013

When Grace is Gone

Boxes are very symbolic for its simple shape but the scope of meaning ranges  from opposite ends. It can feel like opening a treasure box or peering into a coffin box. 

Isn't this what you call life's greatest paradox?

Maybe that is why our lives can fit into a box. Or worse, we put ourselves in the comfort of our boxes in fear of our fragile hearts breaking. Until one day our hearts stop beating and our time is up. 

Piecing together this project brought me in between the spaces of emptiness and fullness and I began to ask myself - How can I  fill a box  with meaning and value? Realizing that death wont always be on vacation, this project has shed light to my personal fears of lovingly living my life as an individual- (1) to live joyfully without hesitation (2) to do meaningful work that contributes to growth; (3) to gracefully dance with life cycles.    

Ironically, the very thought of this fear is also what encourages me to find my own treasure chest. 

I hope you find yours too.

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