August 01, 2013

Slugging It!

I've been slow and sluggish when it comes to my art practice and was (admittedly) close to abandoning this little project I've started. When the longing to start again persists, I would ask myself- what for?  

Luckily, Coursera opened up an Introduction to Art class and I was reeling with happiness. This was a chance to continue to grow my interest in Art. The experience of just being able to create something from fragments of ideas opened a new avenue for me to explore.  I realized that authentic self expression is something that  I personally value and would like to playfully pursue until the end of my days.   

There's so much in me that wants to share and create. It feels like a renewal of passion. For me, the practice of art is a full expression of faith. It tests my  persistence to see through clouded reflections and find clarity. 

No matter how slow or sticky, I'll keep slugging through the path in hopes to reach a higher path.   

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