May 27, 2013

Je ne sais quoi...

Fitzgerald, my best friend Nona and Paris to rekindle this blog. Reading his short autobiography and I am amused with his thoughts for the next generation, living on nothing, flappers that turn into mothers and all that jazz. 

Fitzgerald's thoughts on Americans living in France... 

"The trouble with most Americans in France," he remarked sonorously , "is that they won't lead a real French life. They hang around the big hotels and exchange opinions fresh from the States." 

"I know," she agreed. That's exactly what it said in the New York Times this morning."   

How to Live on Practically Nothing a Year (Woman's Home Companion, July 1924) 

Fitzgerald's thoughts on Motherhood...

So her life went on as it had gone on before. As she grew older her amusements changed, but she grew old slowly. The strange part of it is that the children think of her as a person, not as a "mother" who has to be written to once a fortnight and who will excuse their most intolerable shortcomings.   

Imagination and a Few Mothers (Ladies Home Journal, June 1923) 

Fitzgerald's thoughts for the future...

And when the time comes, as come it will, may I have the justice and the sense to say: "Good luck to you and good bye, for I owned this world once, but I own it no longer. Go your way now strenuously into the fight, and leave me in peace, among all the warm wrong things that I have loved, for I am old, and my work is done."   

Wait 'Till You Have Children of Your Own (Women's Home Companion, July 1924) 


To Nona, Thanks for the book. We're not done being conversational whores just yet. I miss you. xoxo 

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