August 28, 2014

Natural State

Funny how memories of past summers have surfaced back. Throwback summers on rainy Thursdays. 
Perhaps we linger with thoughts of sunshine, reckless abandonment and feelings of peace with the present moment. How I wish this kind of  natural state stay a little longer- long enough to disengage from the flashing signs of updates, boredom and distractions.  

These photos remind me of this Japanese world view called wabi sabi  and is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Wabi translates to simple imperfection while Sabi is bloom of time. which also relates to a line from the movie Walter Mitty that struck me the most- "beautiful things don't ask for attention." In the same way that summer is built on walks on the beach noticing even the simplest compositions of our environments and the natural state of our minds. Quietly celebrating the most mundane of moments and letting it be. It is what is.

"Open your eyes and see how many gifts there are to unwrap. Notice the presence of your presents. It's not your life that is disappointing, it's your mind." Greg Krech

Sorsogon, Philippines Summer of  2010

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