October 02, 2014

Ad Hoc Art

Ad hoc art jams with my nieces and nephew lead to sprint like experiments. They come knocking-  "We want to paint!" 
I ask them- "Paint what?"  "ANYTHING!" they shout opening cabinets and grabbing brushes. "Uhm, you can help me paint that canvas all  black;" wanting to have something done quickly and efficiently. They grab all different kinds of paint and exclaim "That's so boring, there's so many colors you can use."  

"It's so Messy" Ad Hoc Art with Ada, Tea and Gusto

I'm such a fan of children's art- it allows me connect to something I easily forget- the present moment and how magic happens when you allow it to work in complete trust and thankfulness. 

Like snippets of experiences that lead to a more conscious mind. Children's art leave a mark in one's story as a human being. To capture  raw energy that will soon be molded into a forgotten craft of on the spot story telling. It makes me wonder how we  build upon each other's stories?  What  can a viewer see but an invitation to contribute to it?  

I joined them in their deep dive to color chaos. In the moment where shiny mistakes exist on page; you begin to see the paint come alive  and when it happens your mind sparkles with delight. Often than not I forget to take the time to see the world from a child's perspective. I tried to share my perspective as a kiddult answering question like "Do yo have some glitter?" or "Can you tell Gusto that's my spot?"  There were 8 working hands filling up empty spaces till all the white parts were gone.  

It reached a point where we weren't quite sure where this was leading but quickly realized that what mattered at that special moment where we were all there to make something come alive; without judgment but a fluidity of thought and an awareness of each other's presence. I think about what happens when we grow up, older and busier- and I'll remember those moments when the abstract was understood. 

Happy Friday Folks! Wooohoooo! It's the weekend! :) 

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