August 22, 2011

Now What's Next?

What comes after starting?  Monday, the day that symbolizes new beginnings. This challenge is making me realize how a Eureka moment can easily fizzle out when the chores of Monday come.  Monotony seems to be my enemy. Challenges come on repeat. Change knocks on our doors everyday. Hearing my friend's encouragements over the weekend made me think that the real challenge of starting is continuing. 

A challenge is a challenge. I accepted this challenge in hope to find a different side of myself. Someone that I can grow into. Isn't that what art is all about, enjoying the process of discovery? So for the next 30 days, I'm on a mission to make meaning out of fragments of inspiration and ideas in hope that it will continue to lead me to my true north. 

I need to keep an eye on my "I". This morning I came across a line from a book I was reading  and it said "For the beginner, there are many possibilities, for the expert, there are very few." This keeps me hopeful. I just have to keep exploring the beginning of a new beginning.

So here's to rising up to the mundane and conquering Monday. Cheers!

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